Friday, 20 October 2017

Spend a Little and Save a Little

Every person should know how to save some money, people in villages and small towns should also teach their children to save, even a tiny amount every month is a good habit.

Spend a Little and Save a Little

Start with Post Office Saving Schemes, you can also create a Public Provident Fund PPF Account for a more stable future. PPF accounts can also be opened in some banks.

Even today, the hand written postal letters and parcels reach remote places in India, where even email or phone cannot.

Save some money in the Banks as Fixed or Term Deposits. If you still have some extra money then you can start your own Small Business.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Celebrate a Peaceful Diwali

A Diwali without Noise and Pollution is the way Civilized people will Celebrate. Be very careful about crackers and lamps.

Fire Hazards are plenty and injuries might happen, Take extra precaution regarding the disabled, sick, children and animals.

Celebrate a Peaceful Diwali

Time to become sensible and moderate in our Celebrations and set an example. Eyesight and Limbs are vital for your happy life.

Too much suffering and trouble is caused by our carelessness and foolishness. Play it safe, Safe and Sound, with both your feet on the Ground.

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