Thursday, 7 December 2017

Indian Village Products and Handicrafts

Khadi is the name that is given to a complete line of Hand made Textiles, Clothing and Home Decor. Sarees, Shirts, Pants, Towels, Bed-sheets and many more. Cotton, Silk and Woolen are the main types of raw material. The making of these products do not hurt animals or plants. "Ahimsa Paramo Dharma"

National Bird of India - Indian Peacock

Indian Peacock

The Khadi and Village Industries Commission

Buying and using these empower and strengthen the Village Artisans, Traditional Weavers and Cottage Industry. Handicrafts, Implements and Tools for Kitchen and Home. Paintings and Metal Ware for Festivals are all related to Village Industry and Khadi concept.

The main purpose is Swadeshi, which in short means Do It Yourself in your own Country.  We cannot afford to lose our native skills and capabilities and become very dependent on others.

Small Business, Small Scale Industry and Home Business also need to be Encouraged.

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