Thursday, 1 February 2018

Pendrive Vintage Upgrade

I happen to own the Longest Surviving Kingston DataTraveler in written History. It may be low in GB by today's standards, but works well even now.

This year the plastics broke. I have revived it with these parts - A Silicone Sleeve, Part of a Handbag Strap and a little Quickfix. I even had to use some 3M double sided tape, i got that with a table Foam Edge Protector.

I own the Intellectual Property rights of this Exterior design. Do not attempt to imitate, copy or clone this exclusive design.

Wembley's Qucikfix

Wembley's Qucikfix was something i used since school days. It is a Musthave for DIY and Home Repair Work. QuickFix Solder Flux from Wembley is popular in the Electronics Soldering work.
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