San Thoughts

Thoughts of San from 90s

Some proverbs or wise sayings are from old books, aesop fables and most others are my own creations.

Old Book Mods -

'Work Hard - Work Smart"
"Think Twice before you Act"
"Try Again, and again. Then Work Around"
"Think Positive or At least Think" 

Creations of San -

"Moderation is Divine Bliss"
"Order and Harmony"
"Spend Less, Save More"
"Talk Less, Think More"

"Plan, Simulate and Execute"
"Perseverance and Enthusiasm" "
"Wasted Work is Skills Acquired"
"Be Consistent and Systematic"
"Collect, Examine, Reason, Analyze"
"A Pending Job, Do it Today !"
"Break a Big Job, Into small Tasks"
"Innovate to Flourish"

Gita Sayings -

"Love the Work, Not the Reward"
"Dwell in the Path, Not the Goal"
"Discriminate with Detachment" 

Think Harmony and Peace - Year  2016

Learn how to improve your Privacy in Social Networks.

Learn how to Save some Money for the Rainy Day.

Focus on Proper Eating Habits to remain Healthy.

Make your Lifestyle Simple, Healthy and Sustainable.

Love and Protect Mother Nature, Trees, Hills, Lakes.

Learn to live on Less Energy, Fuel or Electricity.

Give away what you do not Need. Keep things Clean.

Health Postulates - Year  2017

01 Become a Vegetarian to save your Kidney, Heart and Liver.

02 Let Candy Dissolve in Mouth, Chewing Hard Candy chips Teeth.

03 Sugary Foods and not brushing Teeth causes Tooth Decay, Cavities.

04 Chocolates get stuck between teeth and accelerate tooth decay.

05 Over Nutrition with Sugars & Fats cause Heart & Eye Ailments.

06 Excessive Alcohol Consumption is a Danger to Liver and Kidney.

07 Over Nutrition with Meat Foods is a cause of Health Problems.

08 Reading Books with Fonts smaller than 12 Px causes Eye Strain.

09 Eye Strain, Bad Lighting and Under Nutrition cause Eye Problems.

10 Eat More Fruits, Vegetables, Greens, Grains, Nuts and Pulses.

11 Singing, Dancing, Hobbies, Crafts and even Worship is Exercise.

12 Stagnant and Dirty water Breeds Mosquitoes that cause Diseases.

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